This, Being Me

Obviously, this is serious business.

Isn’t this always the most difficult thing to write? It’s much safer hiding behind characters, making them say the things I want, rather than having to say the words myself. I’m a steadfast believer in bio pages being written by someone else; that way there’s plausible deniability and, perhaps most importantly, I don’t sound like a complete prat, droning on and on about my dubious achievements or lack thereof. However, no one’s volunteering for the job so I, like you, am stuck with me for now.

I’m a writer, journalist and author, a literacy advocate, a lifelong lover of film and the written word, an avid archer, and a voracious reader. Unworthy is my first novel, with more to come. I also am the Resident Historian of and a regular contributor to the UK-based horror site Zombie Hamster. It’s a wonderful opportunity, allowing me to digress on all manner of scary stuff, and examine the sociopolitical aspects of work within the genre. Which is a totally real thing.

For a long time, too long really, I’d been waiting for my life to begin, not realizing it had. I spent years wanting to be a writer, until I realized that the difference between wanting to be a writer and actually being a writer meant that all I really needed to do was…write.

Once that keg of wisdom was tapped, all that remained was to drink in the dark bitter that came gushing forth.  Or the pale amber. Yeah, it’s time for a beer.

My intention for this site is to provide an outlet for things that are happening with my pursuit of getting my book sold and published, new reviews and essays on film, with various and sundry rants and digressions along the way. My hope is that it will be informative and mildly entertaining but of course, individual results may vary.

I live in Huntington Beach with my fantastic wife Stephanie, and our wonderful cat-kids, Maggie and Homer.

  1. Clover Behrend says:

    It’s a joy to know you and Steph!

  2. Paul Gethard says:

    You write so well – good work Michael!

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